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How is everyone? I haven’t been on in a while! For those who celebrate Christmas, are you guys looking forward to it? Here’s a gift idea: This band called Two Door Cinema Club released an amazing third album called Gameshow back in October. I’m sure everyone you know already owns it but hey, you never know!
How about you guys send in some Christmas themed Two Door art work? You guys are so talented I’m pretty sure you could create anything! If you’d like to share something for the site, get in touch with Olivia!

Now, for the big news.. As anyone who follows Two Door on social media will know, the band have recorded a new documentary with the very talented babysweet sessions. They’ve released quite a few short extracts of it in which they discuss various topics, which have made us very excited for what was and is to come (the trailer was released weeks before Gameshow was released!).
Well, I’m delighted to say that I Saw The World Today is being! (Can I say finally?)

I’ve been waiting for this almost as much as I’d been waiting for the album. I love Gameshow and couldn’t wait to hear the bands new material, but seeing them, hearing them discuss where this record came from is so important, as I truly believe that who they are as people is more important than who they are as musicians. It’s these wonderful people who bring us wonderful music, after all.
Anyway! To finally see I Saw The World Today, here’s what you need to do:

The documentary premiers at 5pm GMT, so be there basement people!

Talk lateeer!