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Many surprises await you on
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Hey guys!

I haven’t been on in a while, but hey, that doesn’t matter anymore does it, cause we’ve got a great new team keeping this baby updated at all times!
As you may know, not too long ago we took on some new members to join the team: Maybrit, Olivia and Ellie. You’ve heard from Maybrit over the past few days, and will be hearing from Olivia and Ellie preeetty soon so be ready! It’s great to have some new people working with us, I’m delighted with our new team!

Now, just a quick post to let you guys know our discography and bio pages are pretty much up to date! Our discography is complete, from Life Without Rory’s You Missed The Point to their recent cover of Sia’s The Greatest, and it’s very tidy so it makes it super easy to get around, check it out here! I’m delighted with the way it looks, we hope you’ll enjoy it too!
As for our bio pages, they’re almost done! The pictures have been updated, and we’ve added a page for new live member Jacob, so the whole thing looks pretty amazing if I may say so myself:


Their social media links have also been added to their pages to make it super easy to keep up with the band’s adventures! You can check it all out here. All that needs to be done so is a little update on the bios themselves, I’m working on it at the moment but if you guys have any ideas as to what info you’d like to see on these pages do let me know! A huge thank you to our new team member Maybrit for looking after the discography and bio pages, from creating the art work to putting all the links together. It all looks amazing and makes me so much more proud of our site! Let us know what you guys think about the site’s new look on twitter!

Don’t forget about the band’s live stream later on today, more info here.

Talk soon amigos and amigas, until then I’m leaving you in good hands, don’t you worry.

Much love,