More basement people & Gameshow!

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More basement people & Gameshow!
More basement people & Gameshow! avatar

Well, basement people, how have you been enjoying Gameshow?

A lot if your social media posts are anything to go by! I haven’t actually been on much recently, I missed their Q&A on twitter for instance, but I have been loving the album and do love reading your comments on it also!
I’m back today with a few more photos of you guys!

Fist up, the lovely Maybrit Bulla. Does her name look familiar? That’s because she recently told us all about how she won one of our competitions a few years ago, only to win our latest one only two weeks ago!








Next, Jack Angrave, clearly very excited about Gameshow! I can relate so much Jack.








Here is Olivia Lopez, a basement person you guys definitely know, she’s the one who put together the fantastic 15 days of Gameshow challenge! Well, was it worth the wait Olivia?








And finally a photo sent in by Tiago Ferreria on facebook! tiago-gs






Check out a few more photos here!

Now, as you guys know, a while back I asked if some of you would like to become a part of the basement people team. Well, I’m very very excited to say that so far we’ve taken on two new people, and they’re both already on the site, amongst the “basement people & Gameshow” posts! I’m not telling you if they’re on today’s post or last weeks one just yet, only that we’re all very excited to be working together! I’ll make the whole thing official very soon, I’m just waiting on a few little things to be sorted!

Finally, as you guys know, we’ve been slowly working on the site, but as I’ve said before there are a lot of things I’m not qualified to do, and as we want to give you guys the best site possible, I decided to wait until we had someone else on board who would be able to give you guys the site you deserve! Well, I’m pleased to say one of our new team members is more than capable of helping out with many aspects of the site. However, there is one part of the site I want all of you to help out with, and that’s our “Made in the Basement” section.

Get in touch if there’s anything you’d like me to share, be it a cover, a painting, a drawing, a montage.. And be sure to tell me exactly what credit you’d like, if not I’ll just use your name!

I look forward to hearing from you!
Talk soon guys.