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Birthday wishes & updates.
Birthday wishes & updates. avatar

Hola basement amigos & amigas,

I’ve a few little things to share with you guys today.
First of all, a big happy birthday to my absolute favourite musician, our very own Alex Trimble! I hope the band have a great day celebrating over in America, whatever they get up to! Needless to say we’ll be waiting for some fun posts on social media!


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Here he is, the birthday boy and his sparkly red shoes!
This photo really does him justice, you can see his fabulous taste in fashion of course but also how comfortable and confident he is on stage. He really fills the space now and pretty much owns the place. For anyone who hasn’t seen them in a while, be prepared!











This was taken “on this day 3 years ago” according to my facebook feed!

Speaking of the on this day app, facebook kindly reminded that on the 2nd of October 2010 I saw Two Door for the first time! I still remember it so well, I couldn’t believe I was seeing them at last! The stage was so small and Alex still had his long fringe and his pink Kitsuné shirt. Ah, memories.. Six years on and they still continue to amaze me.

In other news, Two Door have started their US tour! Has anyone seen them play yet? If so, how were they? Send us in your stories if you’d like to share them on the site! Who is going to see them over the next few weeks? We can’t wait to hear from you!

Finally, today is day six of the #15daysofgameshowchallenge! I’ll say it again, it was a great idea and I think it’s really helping us with the wait! Here are my new answers:

5 – Who is your favourite member? (In the Gameshow era)

I love them all and for different reasons, but my favourite member is Alex. I think he’s a wonderfully talented musician as well as a kind and fascinating human being.

6 – Which song do you like the most – Gameshow, Are We Ready or Bad Decisions? Why?

Bad Decisions all the way! I can’t say why really, I just think it’s the most surprising song yet and it has me excited for the rest of the album and impressed by how much they have grown.

If you’d like to share some of your answers on the site do let me know! As for the people who wrote in hoping to become regular contributors, I’ll be in touch very soon! Sorry for the delay, but as you know there are three of us working on the site at the moment and we’re still going over a few things together! I’ll let you know what’s happening really really soon! Thanks again for getting in touch, I look forward to working alonside some of you!

I hope you’re all well and as excited as I am for Gameshow.
Talk soon guys!