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Hey guys!

There are a few things I want to share with you today. First of all, extra info on Two Door’s recent London show. As you know if you read our last post and more specifically Holly’s story, a short film was played before the band came on stage at the Dome last Wednesday. Well we now know it was La Jetée, a short french film from 1962. I’ll let you guys read up on it and/or watch it in your own time, just know that it inspired one of the new songs off Gameshow, Je Viens De La! According to our recent poll, that’s the song you guys are most looking forward to hearing, so even if we haven’t heard it yet we do at least know where it comes from! You can read about it all here, I’m sure it will all make more sense once we hear the song!

You can also read DIY magazine’s review of their London gig here, and also check out some of their amazing photos.



As the final notes of ‘What You Know’ echo across the Dome and the trio wave an emotional goodbye, London can rest easy, as they already know it’s far from Two Door Cinema Club’s final farewell. DIY magazine.

In other, possibly more exciting news, at least for those who weren’t lucky enough to be at The Dome last week, Two Door will be once again with Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1 tonight!

Does this mean we’re going to get to hear yet another song off Gameshow guys?! Or perhaps a new cover? If it is a new song and you guys haven’t voted in our poll yet, let us know what song you’re hoping to hear most here!

Tune in from 7pm GMT tonight guys and get tweeting! For those of you who have been listening to BBC Radio 1 during the day you may have already heard some Two Door as Bad Decisions is their track of the day!

Exciting things are happening guys, or as Two Door once said “Many surprises await you”.

Talk tonight!