One month until Gameshow!
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Hey guys! Today is the 14th of September, meaning that in exactly one month we will be the 14th of October, which just so happens to be the date Gameshow is released! How exciting is that?!

I thought we’d have some more fun whilst waiting for that magical moment to arrive. We’ve heard two studio versions from album three and one live version, which means there are still nine songs that we’re yet to discover! All we have are their titles, leaving much to the imagination! I’ve decided to put together another poll; this time I’d like to know which song you’re the most looking forward to, simply based on the title! It’s a tough one, but I know you guys are probably imagining all kinds of songs already! I can’t wait to hear all of them of course, but I must say I’m particularly looking forward to Je Viens De La. For those of you who don’t know, I live in France and speak french so that song has me intrigued! I also like the sound of Fever, I can imagine it sounds a bit like Bad Decisions. Finally, I like the title Good Morning because it reminds me both of The Beatles and Oasis, two favourites of mine. But enough about me, let me know what you guys think!

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In other news, tonight Two Door are playing the Dome, Tufnell Park!


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As well as what can only be an amazing show, the full bombastic Two Door as they say, the band have a little surprise planned for the lucky crowd: A screening of their upcoming documentary!

I love the title, it seems to perfectly fit the new turn the band are taking. They have seen the world today, and there are some things they’d like to share, be it in song or via this documentary. I can only imagine it will be available online soon enough so keep your eyes peeled guys!

For anyone who is lucky enough to at the London gig, please let us know how it goes!

I’ll be in touch soon guys, hopefully with a new documentary to watch! Until such time, keep being the wonderful people you are.