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NYC madness.
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To help you guys wait until tomorrow, I’m back with some more news from the basement! This time a piece from Leah who had a double Two Door experience having seen them on the 4th of June in Boston and then on the 5th in NYC after Gov Ball was cancelled. Enjoy!

Hey, I’m Leah and I’m 20 from Boston, MA! I’ve been a fan of Two Door for six years though I can’t remember a time when I didn’t listen to their music. The first time I saw Two Door was in 2012 and it was one of the best shows of my life. In 2013 I was lucky enough to see them soundcheck then meet the band after. They’re definitely the sweetest guys ever. Now in 2016 I saw the band in Boston and at their pop-up show in NYC. The NYC show was absolutely insane. I took a 7am bus from Boston having seen them the previous night to go see them that day at Governors Ball Music Festival in NYC. When I got on the bus I knew there was a good chance the festival would be canceled but I decided to go anyways. Not even 30 minutes after I got off the bus in the city did the festival get canceled. I was really disappointed but somewhat content since I got to see them the previous night. It wasn’t until they tweeted that they were trying to plan something that I started freaking out.

I was with a friend on the Upper East Side of Manhattan when they finally tweeted the time and location and I instantly jumped on the subway to make my way to Brooklyn where the concert was being held at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. When I got in line for tickets I was maybe 100th in line. Not even five minutes later the line doubled in size. This is when everything started getting insane. When the line got two blocks long, instead of continuing on it wrapped back around to the front. The back of the line started merging into the front of the line and spilling into the street. At this point everybody got very very on edge and it was becoming clear not everybody was going to get tickets. The venue only holds 550 and at the longest point there were maybe 1,000 people in line. Once the box office opened the line moved very slowly and people continued to cut to the front then the worst that could happen happened, it started torrentially down-pouring.

Nearly an hour and a half after the box office opened I finally got my ticket. My friend Morgan, who I met at the Two Door soundcheck in 2013, and I grabbed each other and fell into a wall screaming because we honestly thought we weren’t going to get tickets. Unfortunately I had friends who got there maybe 20 minutes after I did didn’t get tickets because of the messed up line and all the cutting.

Fast forwards to doors opening and we’re finally in the venue and someplace actually dry. You could tell everybody was super hyped and the energy was through the roof. Everybody went through so much to try to get into that show that all concert politics aside everybody was just so excited to be there. This was the sixth time I’ve seen Two Door and it was by far without a doubt the best time. In Alex’s words, it was the best show they’ve ever played. Every single person was dancing even if they didn’t know the words. At one point a mosh pit started and one girl crowd surfed from the back, onto the stage with the band, then jumped back into the crowd. When I left that concert the only thing I could think was how lucky I was to witness that concert. I can’t wait to see everything Two Door Cinema Club has in store.

Thanks again to everyone who had shared their story so far, if you have something you’d like to share on the site get in touch! You may also contact me if you’d like to help update the site, more info here. Again, a huge thanks to everyone who has done so so far! I’ll be in touch soon.

Talk “this time tomorrow…” guys!