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Are We Ready? (Wreck)
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Well..guys..what can I say! We have a new song, a proper new song at last. And what a song!
I absolutely love it. It’s different to their old stuff, and yet 100% them. I love the slow beginning, I love how the chorus just kicks in, I love how I can already hear Ben drumming along to it. I cannot wait to hear this song live, it’s going to be huge. I really like Gameshow, but Are We Ready? (Wreck) is something else..
If you somehow missed it, you can listen to the song here:

You can also check out the full interview with Annie Mac here.

NME also managed to get an interview from the boys during the shooting of their new video in which they discuss being off the road, getting back together after such a long break as well as their new single. You can read the whole thing here.











Thank you to everyone who tweeted along with us during the song and interview, thank you to Annie Mac for making Are We Ready? (Wreck) her hottest record and thank you Two Door Cinema Club for living up to our expectations and never letting us down. Much love from the #basementpeople all around the world! All we need now is a new video..


The Bangor boys are back folks!

Talk soon amigos!