Two years in the basement!

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Two years in the basement!
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Ladies and gentlemen, basement girls and basement boys, our website is two years old today! Two years of hard work and dedication, but also two years of fun and excitement, have brought the team to where we are today!

This year has, once again, allowed us to do bigger and better things with and for the band.
I’d like to thank Mark from prolifica management for his time, his help and most importantly his kindness. Working with him over the last year has been such a pleasure, and so I look forward to many more years of this!
I’d also like to thank the band themselves, them being the reason for all of this! Thank you Alex, Kev, Sam and of course Ben for a great second album, your constantly strengthening live performance and your genuine relationship with the fanbase.
Finally, thank you Joe for another year of this madness! Working with you is still great fun, I’m so glad you suggested we get together for this back in 2011! And thank you Alexa, who joined us exactly a year ago today, for your contribution to the site; welcoming you as a member of the team was definitely the right decision.


To celebrate, we will have that interview I mentionned here for you pretty soon! Sadly, I could not interview the band myself due to them arriving late on the site. However, everything is being looked after (thank you Pete!) so no worries there. We also plan on organising a competition for you, so keep your eyes pealed!

In other news, Alex, along with close friend and Belfast photographer Jamie William, have their own competition going on right here! Be sure to enter if you want to win a box of beautiful photo postcards created and signed by Alex and Jamie.



Thanks again to everyone for these great two years, especially you guys, for your commenting, contributing, your feedback and of course your love for the band who brought us all together: Two Door Cinema Club.

We hope you’re well; be sure to come back over the next week or two for that interview and the competition!