The Best From The Basement #2

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The Best From The Basement #2
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After organising a small poll on facebook asking what you would like to see on, “The Best From The Basement” seemed to be an idea pretty much everyone liked. We have therefore decided to make it a regular feature, as we know that you talented people have lots more to share with us!

Today we have decided to share with you this amazing digital realism piece of Sam Halliday by Chelsea. Click on the image to visit her DeviantArt page to see it full size.

As we’re making “The Best From The Basement” a regular, feel free to share with us whatever you think should be a part of this website here!

Also making the basement people news: As you all probably know, Two Door Cinema Club played Bangor last night, for the first time in ages. Bangor being their home town, it was a very special gig for them and for the crowd. They put on, according to different sources, an outstanding performance. One of the highlights was, according to this article, Ben and his incredible drumming. Speaking of Ben, he has has joined twitter (at last!) so if you haven’t done it already, go follow him here!

Don’t forget that (if you’re not at Reading+Leeds) is the place to be this weekend, as we will be getting some of their performance, as soon as it’s available. We still don’t know how much we will be getting, but make sure to be on this page, something will be posted as soon as possible!

Saoirse & Joe.